iOS Apps for Small Business

When you’re starting out with a new business it’s important to attract and retain customers.  You need to keep that cashflow coming in and sometimes it can be hard to know how to generate leads and publicity for your business.  In this article we take a look at some apps for iOS which give you that competitive advantage.

Which apps for business?
Which apps for business?


Office productivity: Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint (Free)

These are full-fledged mobile versions of Excel, Word and PowerPoint. All of the apps are jam-packed with advanced formatting and editing features, although they don’t include quite as many options as the desktop versions. They’re also beautifully designed and touch optimized, with big, easy-to-tap buttons. Unfortunately, they only work on iPads; iPhone users should stick to Apple’s own iWork suite (which includes Pages, Numbers and Keynote).


Coupons and CRM:  VoucherThing (Free for 48 vouchers per month, in app purchase for unlimited vouchers)

If you’ve got a small business you want to know your customers and keep them coming back.  VoucherThing lets you do just that by letting you create voucher/coupons campaigns, send vouchers and track returns all from your iPad.  VoucherThing features two apps – one for you as a merchant, and one for your customers – using iBeacon technology these apps can ‘see’ each other at close ranges (under 30m) and you can be notified when VoucherThing customers are near.   Clever, cute and fun – give it a try!

Note taking: Evernote (Free)

Evernote saves your notes to the cloud, so they’re backed up and accessible from anywhere. The app lets you dictate or manually enter your notes, and even insert photos. And if you want to write out notes with a stylus, its text-identification functionality can recognize and index your handwriting so it’s fully searchable later on. Another perk is that Evernote is available for just about every platform — including iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Mac and PC — so you can view your notes on just about any device.

Cloud storage: OneDrive (Free)

There are plenty of good cloud storage platforms for iOS, but OneDrive is our top pick for business users, thanks to its tight integration with Windows. The app lets you access your files from anywhere on your iPhone or iPad, including documents saved to your Microsoft Office account. And PC users don’t have to download any extra apps to get the system working; just drag files into the OneDrive folder on your PC, and they’ll be backed up to the cloud automatically. As with other cloud storage systems, you can even recover deleted files and revert to previously saved versions, to give you a little peace of mind.

Access your work PC: Microsoft Remote Desktop (Free)

Your work PC has everything you need for a productive day, including your programs, files and documents. But what if you can’t make it into the office? A good remote desktop application like Microsoft Remote Desktop can be a lifesaver in those situations. The app works like a direct portal back to your desktop computer, letting you virtually view your Windows desktop, and even remotely control Windows programs from your iPhone or iPad. Using the app is as simple as installing a client application onto your workstation so it can mirror your desktop on the screen of your mobile device.

Remote meetings: GoToMeeting (Free)

GoToMeeting is a solid videoconferencing app with good options for business users. For starters, the app lets you host virtual meetings with up to 25 attendees joining remotely from just about any Web-connected device. And with its built-in invitation system, it can also streamline the process of scheduling a meeting. Plus, it has handy features like speaker identification, so you always know who’s talking in a crowded meeting. You can share your screen with a few taps, which is great for remote presentations. You can even share your keyboard and mouse controls with other attendees to collaborate on a project from anywhere.