Parental Strategies on review

It’s good to see that Parental Strategies is getting noticed!  Lots of reviews and links here from AppShopper and also the cannily named FormidApps.  We’d love to see some more reviews and opinions on Parental Stategies so please get in touch with Xyglo if you’d like to update our links!

Parental Strategies is a fun way to tackle the stresses and strains of being a parent. Use it when you need a moment to gather your thoughts, when you need a moment to assess, when you need a moment of sanity when parenting gets tough.


Parental Strategies

Parental Strategies is inspired by the famous set of cards created by innovative avant garde composer Brian Eno – his Oblique Strategies were designed to combat mental fatigue in the recording studio and encourage stepping outside of the creative process to take a new approach. Likewise, Parental Strategies is designed to be used as a pressure release valve. Parenting can occasionally be tough and taking a moment to assess, have a cup of coffee, reflect on a new approach is the moment in your day when you can reset your mental attitude and get back to the job of being a parent.

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