SEO and your mission statement

Build something, start a business, make a website, loads of people buy your stuff.  It’s simple isn’t it?

Or perhaps you start a business, you make a website to advertise your business but it either fails to ignite or bumbles along while your scramble for sales to better get your business out there.

So you rebuild your website and this time you think about what makes people want to shop with you.  You discover SEO and you realise that the advice that you’re being told is what you needed to hear when you were thinking about starting your business in the first place.

This is where I’m at now after having read this article from Yoast.  It’s a fantastic article as is just about everything Joost de Valk has to say on SEO and understanding your business in order to sell your business.

For me I feel like I’ve come full circle now and I’m honing in on what I want to say and what I want to do.  My business is split into on the one hand app consultancy and product design and on the other helping small businesses grow through technology.   SEO is can be about keyword research, carefully chosen cornerstone content and guest blogging but for me it’s more about understanding your motivation.  This is something I understand and I’ve talked about before.

Understand yourself, know thyself, and sell.