Keeping Busy

Sometimes your first thought is your best one. Well this was definitely the case last week as I continued to struggle with getting the Syntax Highlighter working in an elegant fashion with the main GUI thread. In the end – threading was the solution. I perform some quick and dirty highlighting in the main thread … Read more

Friendlier MinGW

I’ve just added a new page describing how you can set up MinGW to build C++ with Friendlier.   So you should now have all you need to get up and running building C++ (and even Qt based apps) with Friendlier. Give it a go!

Updating Text Highlights

Currently I’m wrestling with the best way of handling syntax updating whilst typing.   At the moment the slow, obvious and safe way to do this is just to recalculate everything highlighting-wise when you’re typing.  However for large files this starts to take a noticeable amount of time – this can mean that typing can become … Read more

Pi or the Sky?

Last week’s S3 cloud outage gave the cloud world a timely reminder that it doesn’t matter how big your infrastructure, you’re going to have some downtime at some point. With the continued migration to cloud solutions for not just B2C and B2B but increasingly intranet apps the question for a lot of organisations is, will … Read more