Let’s go for it

So I still have some bugs to squash – but I want you all to have a look at what we’ve got so far so today we’re releasing the Friendlier Beta.  It’s fully functioning until the end of July so please download it and give it a whirl and let us know what you think.

In the last couple of weeks I sat down and sketched out a roadmap to see where we are and where we’re going.

At the moment things we know about Friendlier are:

  • Beautiful 3D user interface
  • Touch-like navigation (moving between windows, zooming)
  • Full screen/windowed modes
  • Syntax highlighting (C++)
  • Multi-level undo/redo
  • Stunning visual compare (you have to try it)
  • Build integration (Standard Out and Standard Error capture)
  • File management
  • Project and file level statistics
  • Single Friendlier project file architecture

Planned features for Friendlier (Q4 2012):

  • Multiple Friendlier project files
  • Improved C++/Qt support and syntax highlighting
  • Project import functionality (Makefiles, directories, Project files)
  • Improved java build and syntax highlighting
  • Autocomplete for Qt/C++ and Java
  • Source control integration (Subversion, Mercurial histories/compare integration)
  • Microsoft Kinect integration and speech support for navigation and build tasks

 Features beyond that:

  • Debugger integration
  • Multi-user project level paradigm including gamification of coding
  • Browser and notification integration
  • Graphical filesystem management
  • Windows 8/touch integration

The further features are dependent on where the next six months take us.   So far Friendlier has been in development for just over six months and we have a good platform for moving us forward.  Now we’re sending the challenge out to potential users to download it, give it a go and tell us what they think.  By offering the ability to pre-purchase Friendlier 1.0 we will also give early adopters the opportunity to shape the near term future of the product.  We call this futureware – it’s here, it works already but we want you to tell us where to take it.

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