Merging Rosegarden

Ok, so it’s time to merge the trunk revisions of Rosegarden onto the mingw branch that I’ve created which  makes the Rosegarden for Windows build available.  This process is done of course in Windows and traditionally I’ve used the excellent QtCreator alongside Tortoise SVN to handle the source control side of things.  Aside from that … Read more

Annoyance of Maintenance

Of course a lot of the software job is maintaining things.  We don’t get to work on new code that often so we have to deal with code other people have written, or code that we’ve written a long time ago. And how to best describe this activity?  Well if you’re lucky, or if you’re … Read more

How we do Indenting

One of the more interesting things about writing an IDE from scratch because you end up at points where you can see how other people did things and making perhaps the same decisions as them, perhaps different ones.  For example I’m just looking at indentation and bracketing in the text editor for Friendlier. When you … Read more

To Kickstart or not to Kickstart?

A long long time ago I was quite heavily involved in developing a piece of open source software called Rosegarden (the history of which is pretty well documented). It was, and still is, a piece of software that helps you compose, record and create music and it originally came into being during a final year … Read more