Things I always forget in Application Express (Apex) from Oracle v4.0.X

Firstly – How do You Copy a Page?

I always forget that you can copy a page really simply but it’s hidden away in some obscure place:

– Click on the page you want to Copy

– Click on Create -> Page as a new Copy

Oh so simple but you’d be amazed how much time I’ve wasted trying to remember this.

Secondly – Page Templates. You can’t seem to change them once they are set. At this time I can’t even remember how you assign them without doing a Page->Copy (see above).

Thirdly – How to create an Updateable Report? Again another one that’s so well hidden you think they did it deliberately. You can spend as much time clicking as you like but you have to remember this one or look it up every time:

– Create Region

– Form

– Tabular Form

Then you get the option of Update, Insert, Delete et voila you have an Updateable SQL Report.

Bottom line with Apex is this – there’s always a way of doing it but it’s so well hidden that you need to dig dig dig to find it. Also sometimes even the simplest stuff is hard to remember.

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