ten years here – how to make it and not care

Marketing balance

I’ve come to the end of the road.

It’s been a long one and one that has left me completely confused and baffled by what is required or expected from me all along the way.

At school, the rules, made by someone else, were imposed absentmindedly. At University there were no rules other than end of year or during write-ups. The working world offered no challenges and only puzzlement, I slipped into it at the same steady pace that the previous ten or twelve had been at. Guess the answer, no-one really cares if you are right or wrong, assign the paper to the right corridor. Avoid eye contact whenever possible. Slide through life as if people were obstacles to be avoided. And then you wake up, middle aged and listening the happy melody of your children and you realise that there is nothing for you, and there has never been anything for you. Even disconnecting with work, colleagues ,friends only brings further disconnection rather than epiphany.

You might as well not exist for most of the time so why not cease to exist? Why should you sit there attempting to convince one or the other that this is important or that is important or look how important you are?

I don’t believe in self-importance and I never have. I have in fact loathed the self-important and was brought up harshly to pity and loathe them. However the self-important are the ones that rule – the ones with confidence to be important are the ones who tell the rest what to do and decide who is hired and who is fired.

I rail against the self-important idiots of this world and they ignore me as if they were born to it. They understand that if they all ignore me then the system works as it is required to do and I will fall out of their world.  The implicit self-confidence of the people who through no fault of their own are the masters of their minds. The ones who can understand communication, can move and nurture others through close relationships, can cajole and prod and eliminate competition. Those who are the steady quarter lifers – ten years here – ten years there and you’re done – or ten years here, ten years there and another ten years ten years ten years. You’re done.

The same happens if I am a refugee or a homeless person. I am adrift in the sea of this malevolence and I have no oars, no outboard motor, the dingy I am in is leaking air. Will you care? Would you care? Who are you?

Parental Strategies on review

Parental Strategies

It’s good to see that Parental Strategies is getting noticed!  Lots of reviews and links here from AppShopper and also the cannily named FormidApps.  We’d love to see some more reviews and opinions on Parental Stategies so please get in touch with Xyglo if you’d like to update our links!

Parental Strategies is a fun way to tackle the stresses and strains of being a parent. Use it when you need a moment to gather your thoughts, when you need a moment to assess, when you need a moment of sanity when parenting gets tough.


Parental Strategies

Parental Strategies is inspired by the famous set of cards created by innovative avant garde composer Brian Eno – his Oblique Strategies were designed to combat mental fatigue in the recording studio and encourage stepping outside of the creative process to take a new approach. Likewise, Parental Strategies is designed to be used as a pressure release valve. Parenting can occasionally be tough and taking a moment to assess, have a cup of coffee, reflect on a new approach is the moment in your day when you can reset your mental attitude and get back to the job of being a parent.

Securing WordPress

WordPress is probably the most popular choice for small businesses wanting to start with a simple website that they can quickly scale.

WordPress sites can be created for free on wordpress.com and as your business grows you can add tweaks like custom domains or indeed move off to your own hosted solution.

If you do administer your own wordpress you do have to be very careful to ensure that you keep your site secure.  Wordpress comes with many hundreds of plugins – and these are often the way that perpetrators can access your website and insert their content into your posts or features.  This is usually done automatically – so don’t always take this as a personal attack, merely as a way for criminals to generate money for themselves by hijacking your website for their own adversiting purposes.  The more successful your website becomes, the more traffic comes it’s way.  The more traffic means it becomes more attractive to those wanting to hijack your clicks.

So how do you secure your website against intrusion?  Well you learn the hard way to take security seriously but by all means do think about it carefully and if in any doubt use a professional service to secure your WordPress website.

If you’re doing it yourself though here are a few things you can do.

Ensure you have recent and regular backups

Harden your wordpress installation against attack

Ensure that your web server configuration is safe and secure

Don’t opt for auto update

Check your directory permissions and ownership

Coupons and Vouchers for Small Biz

What is VoucherThing?

VoucherThing is for your business

VoucherThing for merchants

VoucherThing lets you create voucher campaigns for your business from your iPad. No sign-up, no accounts, just your business and your vouchers your way.

Campaigns can be created and coupons distributed to customers and redeemed all through the VoucherThing for Merchants app. You can easily produce beautiful reports showing redemption rates, improve their campaigns, improve customer engagement and improve business.

VoucherThing provides a solution for merchants and customers. Customers can use the VoucherThing app to keep their voucher safe as well as locating nearby merchants.

VoucherThing for customers

VoucherThing for customers uses Apple’s innovative iBeacon technology in order to find local merchants. The two apps are location aware meaning that merchants can be made aware of potential VoucherThing customers, and customers can be find outlets that are offering coupons!