Basement Desk

I’ve always been good at taking things apart. The bedrooms here are ravaged now, free of the built-in furniture that made them neat-but-wasteful spacewise. Instead my basement is full of the remnants. So a few weeks ago I hatched a plan to use this stuff for a project: basement desk.

Tried making plans but in the end in proper DIY style decided to just go for it and make it up as I go along.



Three Months More

“”I leave the house by the nearest exist – the laptop sits and blinks to itself for a while before thoughtfully spinning down into quiescence.  The house ticks quietly to itself while I am out – the last echoes of the door slamming translated echoingly into fridge hum and whisper of planes up above.

Outside the street offers a harsh counterpoint to my quiet morning.  I generally rise early and spend the first few hours working hard at a task.  I drink tea and I stare out of the window as I chew my pencil end – I look at the backs of my hands hovering over the keyboard.  I clean the kitchen.   I use the hoover on the wooden floors.  I put on the washing machine and wait for the postman to arrive.”

Moments reaching back in time from moments reaching back in time. ”

From moments reaching back in time.